• Hollywood Rock Festival

    The band starts the year performing at the Hollywood Rock Festival, with one show at Praca Da Apoteose, Rio de Janeiro and another at Estádio do Morumbi, São Paolo, Brazil

  • SYN Productions Company, Ltd.

    Simon becomes a partner of SYN Productions Company, Ltd., which will have their main office in Japan. SYN is an acronym of the principles first initials: Simon and Yasmin Le Bon and their partner in SYN, Nick Wood

  • Peter Rudge (former manager of Rolling Stones) Begins Managing Duran Duran

  • “Grey Lady Of The Sea” Issued as a CD3 Single

    Simon’s solo track, “Grey Lady Of The Sea” from the documentary DRUM, is issued as a CD3 single in Japan; includes the song of the same name, plus tracks by Propaganda and Bronski Beat. It is also released as a CD5 in the UK.

  • Big Thing Album

    Warren plays most guitar parts on the band’s upcoming Big Thing album, recorded at Davout Studios in Paris.

  • Requiem For The Americas CD project

    The band members work with writer/producer Jonathan Elias at Davout Studios on different parts of his Requiem For The Americas CD project: Simon writes and sings “Follow In My Footsteps”, recorded with Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles. John plays bass on “The Chant Movement.”

  • Duran Duran World

    Duran Duran World, a 234-page book shot by Virginia Liberatore during the Strange Behavior tour published.

  • In May, the Band Begins Mixing Big Thing at Soundworks Studios in New York

  • The Working for the Skin Trade Concert Video is Released

    June 20, 1988
  • Video for “I Don’t Want Your Love” is Filmed with Director Steve Lowe

  • Duran Duran Hires Drummer Sterling Campbell for the Upcoming Big Thing Tour

  • “I Don’t Want Your Love”

    In September, the first single off of Big Thing, “I Don’t Want Your Love,” is released worldwide with B-Side “I Don’t Want Your Love” (album version).

  • The Secret Caravan Tour Rehearsals

    In September the band begins rehearsals for The Secret Caravan Tour at Stanbridge Farm Studios in Sussex. Joining Duran Duran are Warren Cuccurullo, Sterling Campbell, Spike Edney on keyboards and Stan Harrison on saxophone.

  • “I Don’t Want Your Love” Video Premieres on MTV

    September 26, 1988
  • “All She Wants Is” is Filmed

    The video for “All She Wants Is” shot in London with director Dean Chamberlain. This video will win an MTV Video Award for Innovation.

  • “I Don’t Want Your Love” is #4 in the US

    The single for “I Don’t Want Your Love” peaks at #14in the UK, top ten in Canada and #4 in the US.

  • In October, Top of the Pops Airs Duran’s Performance of “I Don’t Want Your Love”

  • October Television Press

    The band do some television press in October, including Glamboys to Badboys (UK), Countdown (Dutch) and Deejay (Italy)

  • Big Thing is Released

    October 18, 1988
  • SECRET CARAVAN Tour for North America

    At the end of October, the band begins the SECRET CARAVAN tour in North America, which are warm up dates in smaller venues:

    Metro Theater, Chicago, IL

    The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA

    Capitol Records parking lot, Hollywood, CA

    Coconut Grove Ballroom, Los Angeles, CA

    First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

    Arcadia Theater, Dallas, TX

    Center Stage Theatre, Atlanta, GA

    Cabaret Metro Theater, Chicago, IL

    Diamond Club, Toronto, Ontario

    Citi, Boston, MA [and do a signing at Tower Records in Boston, MA]

    Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY

  • Big Thing is a Top 15 Hit in the UK and Reaches the Top 25 in the US

  • The LSD Edit

    Peter Rudge asks the label to send out a guitar-driven single called The LSD Edit to radio stations under the name The Krush Brothers to shake Programmers image of Duran Duran as a bubblegum pop band.

  • BIG THING LIVE Tour of Europe

    In mid November, the band begin the BIG THING LIVE tour of Europe:

    Manchester International II, Manchester, England

    Fort Regent, Jersey, Channel Islands [surprise show]

    Studio 54, Barcelona, SpainSport Palace, Madrid, Spain

    La Locomotive, Paris, France [as The Krush Brothers]

    Forest National, Brussels, Belgium

    Bercy, Paris, FranceAhoy, Rotterdam, Holland

    Ishalle, Stockholm, SwedenRockefeller, Oslo, Norway

    Valbyhallen, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Congress Center Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Germany

    Kongreßhalle, Frankfurt, Germany

    Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany

    SportHall, Prague, Czechoslovakia

    Kürhalle Oberlaa, Vienna, Austria

    Budapest Sportcsarnok, Budapest, Hungary

    Palaverde, Treviso, Italy

    Palatrussardi, Milan, Italy (3 shows)

    EUR, Rome, Italy (2 shows)

    Palasport, Naples, Italy

    Palamaggio, Caserta, Italy

    Town and Country Club, London, England (as The Krush Brothers)

    Wembley Arena, London, England

    National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England

  • “All She Wants Is” Released

    December 20, 1988

    “All She Wants Is” is released as a single worldwide with B-Side “I Believe/All I Need to Know (medley).”

  • “Do You Believe in Shame” Feat. in Movie, Tequila Sunrise

    Duran Duran’s “Do You Believe in Shame” is featured on the soundtrack of the movie Tequila Sunrise starring Mel Gibson, Kurt Russell and Michelle Pfeiffer.