• Duran Duran’s Mega-Mixes is Released in Germany

  • Best Album, Best Group, and Best Male Vocalist

    The band is awarded Best Album and Best Group, and Simon is awarded Best Male Vocalist, at the British Rock & Pop Awards.

  • John Appears as a Panelist on the Pop Quiz Game Show in UK

  • John Appears on Rockschool

    John is featured on Rockschool, demonstrating the “Planet Earth” bass line; the show includes an interview with Chic’s Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers.

  • Kajagoogoo Album, White Feathers

    Nick produces the Kajagoogoo album White Feathers at Chipping Norton and Utopia studios, with Colin Thurston. The single “Too Shy” reaches #1 in the UK.

  • Simon, Nick, and Andy Appear on the Television Programme, Saturday Superstore in the UK

  • Rio Album Goes Gold in the UK

  • Duran Duran’s Video Album is Released on VHS, Beta, and Laserdisc

  • “Is There Something I Should Know” is Released

    “Is There Something I Should Know” is released as a standalone single around the world except in US; It goes straight into the UK chart at #1, becoming the only the 4th single in history to accomplish that feat.

  • Duran Duran on Saturday Night Live

    Duran Duran flies to New York City and performs “Hungry Like The Wolf” and “Girls on Film” on Saturday Night Live.

  • “Hungry Like The Wolf” Peaks at #1 in Canada

  • Video 45 is Released

    Duran Duran’s Video 45 with videos for “Girls on Film” and “Hungry Like The Wolf” is released in US. The VHS contains the MTV-friendly version of “Girls on Film”, while the Beta format has the uncensored Night Version.

  • Duran Duran is Mobbed at Video Shack

    At a video signing at the Video Shack in Times Square in New York City, the band is mobbed; twelve mounted police are called in to break up the crowd and the band has to be smuggled out the back of the shop. John, Roger and Nick are interviewed by New York’s Channel 7/ABC News about the mob scene at the signing.

  • “Rio” Single ( Kershenbaum 7″ Remix) is Re-released in US, B-Side “Hold Back The Rain (remix)”

  • Duran Duran Duran Performs “Is There Something I Should Know” on Top of the Pops

  • Duran Duran Duran Performs “Is There Something I Should Know” on the Kenny Everett Video Show

  • Duran Duran Duran Performs “Is There Something I Should Know” on the Riverside Show

  • The First Duran Duran Album on CD

    The band’s first album is repackaged with “Is There Something I Should Know” and re-released worldwide (“ITSISK” has replaced “To the Shore”). This release also becomes the first Duran Duran album available on CD.

  • Rio Goes Platinum in the USA

  • Simon and Nick are VJs on MTV

    Simon and Nick are Guest VJs on MTV; Andy Warhol stops by as their guest; the rest of the band appears at the end to present a Rio album to MTV as a thank you for helping them break into America.

  • The Re-release of Duran Duran Album Reaches #10 on the US Charts

  • The Band Begins Writing Their Third Album; Demo Tracks are Recorded

  • Single “Is There Something I Should Know” is Released in US with B-Side “Careless Memories”

  • Duran Duran Starts Recording Third Album at George Martin’s Air Studios in Montserrat

  • “Is There Something I Should Know” Reaches #4 on the US Charts

  • The Prince's Trust Performance and Attempted Assassination

    Duran Duran performs for the Prince’s Trust at the: Old Dominion Theatre, London, England. Princess Diana, who loved the band, and Prince Charles were in attendance. It was later discovered that the IRA had planned, but failed, to blow up the theatre in an assassination attempt on the Royals.

  • The Re-released Duran Duran Album Goes Gold in the US

  • The MENCAP Charity

    Duran Duran performs at the Aston Villa Football Grounds, Birmingham, England to raise money for MENCAP charity. When it is discovered that the financial goal of the charity wasn’t reached, the band and their manager donate a huge sum of money to the charity.

  • 301 Studios

    After another stay recording in Montserrat, the band finishes recording and mixing at 301 Studios, Sydney, Australia with Producer Alex Sadkin.

  • “Union of the Snake" Filming

    Duran Duran films the video for “Union of the Snake” near Sydney using 35mm film; Once again, Russell Mulcahy is the Director.

  • Mixing “Union of the Snake"

    Simon and Nick work at mixing “Union of the Snake,” up until delivery, leaving themselves only 24 hours to write, record and mix “Secret Oktober” for the B-side.

  • Bengal Tiger on Seven and the Ragged Tiger 

    The band decides to fly in a Bengal tiger to Australia for the photo shoot of the Seven and the Ragged Tiger cover.

  • The Release of the “Union of the Snake” Video to MTV

    In another first, the band decided to release the “Union of the Snake” video to MTV a week before radio receives the single, amid much protest from radio stations.

  • “Union of the Snake” Single is Released Worldwide with B-Side “Secret Oktober”

  • John, Roger, and Nick Accept Award for “The Most Popular International Act” in Australia

  • The Band Begins Rehearsals for Their First Worldwide Tour at the Sydney Showgrounds

  • Duran Duran Performs “Union of the Snake” on Top of the Pops

  • “Union of the Snake” Reaches #3 on Both the UK and US charts

  • The SING BLUE SILVER Tour Begins in Australia

    The SING BLUE SILVER Tour begins in Australia. All dates are sold out:

    National Indoor Sports Centre, Canberra, Australia

    Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia

    Festival Hall, Brisbane, Australia – 2 nights

    Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Center, Melbourne, Australia – 2 nights

    Memorial Drive Tennis Courts, Adelaide, Australia

    Entertainments Centre, Perth, Australia

  • Seven and the Ragged Tiger Released Worldwide; the Album Enters the UK Charts at #1

  • SING BLUE SILVER Tour Comes to the UK

    Apollo, Manchester, England – 2 nights

    Queens Hall, Leeds, England – 2 nights

    Royal Highland Exhibition Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland

    National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England – 2 nights; show is filmed for The Tube TV show, along with interviews with Simon, Nick and John

    Brighton Centre, Brighton, England – 2 nights

    Wembley Arena, London, England – 5 nights