• Rio Album Released on CD

    EMI releases the Rio album on CD in Germany. The CD uses an alternate version of “Hold Back The Rain,” which all other CD releases will utilize until Rio gets digitally re-mastered in 2001.

  • Nick and Simon Make an Appearance on Wogan Show, UK TV, to Promote Arcadia

  • “I Do What I Do” Recorded

    John records the single “I Do What I Do,” written by Michael Des Barres, for the film 9 1/2 Weeks.

  • Arcadia’s “Goodbye Is Forever” Single is Released with B-Side “Missing”

  • Simon Makes an Appearance on the US TV Special, Disney’s Living Seas

  • Nick and Andy Songwrite

    Nick and Andy get together in Los Angeles to work on some songs for the band’s planned forthcoming album.

  • Simon Joins Drum, which is Competing in the Whitbread Race, it Leaves Auckland

  • “We are the World”

    Nick, along with Sheena Easton, presents the Song of the Year to Quincy Jones for “We are the World” at the Grammy Awards.

  • The Power Station “Video Album” is Released

  • The Making of Arena VHS is Released in UK and Japan

  • Drum Arrives in Punta del Este, Uruguay, Earning Second Place

  • Simon and Nick Shoot the Video for Arcadia’s “The Flame” in Spain

  • In April, Duran Duran Issues Press Release about Roger’s Official Departure from the Band

  • The Whitbread Race

    With Simon back on board, Drum returns to Portsmouth, finishing the Whitbread race third over the line.

  • Notorious Album

    Simon joins Nick and John in London to begins writing lyrics for what will be the Notorious album.

  • From Abbey Road to AIR Studios

    Duran Duran begins working at Westside Studios in London on the new record. They will eventually make the rounds to Abbey Road, Maison Rouge, Skyline, and AIR Studios.

  • “I’m Your Man” with Wham!

    Wham! performs their final show at Wembley Arena; Simon performs “I’m Your Man” with George and Andrew.

  • Andy Begins to Leave the Band

    Andy Taylor invites Terry Bozzio and Patrick O’Hearn to help on his solo project. At this point, Simon, Nick and John begin to realize Andy isn’t going to come back to the band.

  • Drummer Steve Ferrone Begins Working on Sessions for Notorious

  • Notorious Producer Nile Rodgers Performs on Several Guitar Tracks for the Album

  • “Grey Lady Of The Sea”

    Simon records “Grey Lady Of The Sea” with Nick Wood; it is used for the documentary film on his yacht called Drum: The Journey of a Lifetime.

  • Andy Goes Solo with “Take It Easy”

    Andy releases a solo single “Take It Easy” from the film soundtrack for American Anthem. Shortly thereafter, he releases his first solo album, Thunder.

  • Arcadia’s “Say The Word” Released

    Atlantic Records Releases Arcadia’s “Say The Word” Single from the Playing For Keeps movie soundtrack.

  • Warren Cuccurullo, of Frank Zappa's Band, becomes Duran Duran's Guitarist

    Andy Taylor definitively decides not to return to Duran Duran. Warren Cuccurullo, of Frank Zappa’s band and Missing Persons, becomes the band’s guitarist, adding to some tracks on Notorious.

  • Duran Duran Films Video for the single “Notorious;” Dancing is Choreographed by Paula Abdul

  • “Notorious” Single is Released Worldwide with the B-Side “Winter Marches On"

  • The “Notorious” Video is World Premiered on MTV (US)

  • “Notorious” Single Reaches #7 in the UK and #2 in the US

  • The Band Begins Extensive Media Interviews to Promote Their Forthcoming Record

  • Duran Duran Performs “Notorious” on Top of the Pops

  • EMI/Capitol Records Release Notorious in US

    November 21, 1986

    On November 24, it is released in the rest of the world.

  • Preparation for Strange Behavior Tour

    In December, prep begins for the Strange Behavior tour, which is filmed for a documentary entitled Three to Get Ready (which will later premiere at film festivals).

  • Diamond Awards Festival

    The band receives an award at the Diamond Awards Festival in Antwerp, Belgium, where they perform the songs “Notorious” and “Vertigo.”

  • Duran Duran Most Successful Group from England, American Top 40

    Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 announces Duran Duran as the most successful duo or group from England based on the Billboard charts. Duran Duran were ranked first, followed by The Police, Culture Club, Wham! and The Rolling Stones.