“Supernature” Song Palette

Hi Katy! This question is for Nick: Was there a specific inspiration for the sound palette on the synths used in Supernature? When I heard it the first time, it immediately conjured memories of a Konami vampire game I used to play called Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. By chance, was inspiration taken from any chiptunes? That 8-bit sound is such a deeply engrained, happy memory for so many of us. Huge thanks to you and the band for creating such a fun album! Gina from Nashville, TN

"Hello Gina, I am deeply distressed to say that I have never had the opportunity to play Castlevania II. It sounds utterly delightful. For the song “Supernature,” I liked the original version so much that I decided to keep many of the sounds fairly similar, which is somewhat contrary to the way I often look at music. I did use almost entirely analogue synthesizers to create the sound palate, which, of course, is how the original version would have been created too. NR"