Nick’s Fave Photogs

Hi Nick, I’m a 17 year old aspiring photographer who has been a Duran fan for about a year and a half now. Earlier last year, after looking at some of your photographs (especially ones from bei incubi), I felt inspired to pick up a camera for the first time since lockdown. I’m so grateful, as it has become one of my favourite hobbies, and as you are my biggest inspiration, I was just wondering if you had any photographers who inspire you and why you started taking photos in the first place?  Thank you so much and I can’t wait to see you on tour at the O2! Eve
"Hello Eve, I am thrilled to hear that you are enjoying the art of photography. I have been inspired by many different photographers. My personal favourites are Man Ray & Irwin Blumenfeld  , but I also love the work of Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton. Then of course, there is Avedon, Irving Penn, and many other classic photographers. Personally, I like to try to find different ways of taking photos, I almost always do everything within the lens and rarely process the photos or use photo shop afterwards. I find it more exciting to capture the moment as best you can without having to tamper with the image too much in post. For example,none of the images in the Bei Incubi project were altered at all after I took them. Thanks for the question, Nick"