“Danse” Drums

I'm absolutely loving the song "Dance Macabre" - this song proves that Duran is at the top of their game. What I'm most fascinated with is Roger's drumming on it - particularly after the 3:00 mark. The timing is so unique and it brilliantly builds the intensity of the song. It's so complex I can't even play air drums to it. I'm curious - what inspired his contribution to that song and how difficult is it for him to play live? Shawn

"Hello Shawn, Thanks for the 'Ask Katy'!

I have to extend an enormous hand of gratitude to Ben Hudson for this one.

We always love having Ben in the studio with us (not just because he's a fellow Brummie) because , as well as being an amazing musician and writer , he's always full of ideas & enthusiasm .He seems to really understand drums and groove , & what makes a song swing in a 'hip' kind of fashion.

On this particular occasion , I was playing it straight down the line & Ben suggested that I play it in more unusual way , with a skip in the snare pattern ...which I think sounds quite unique. It was actually a bit of handful when we played it live on the last tour, but I think it sounded pretty good after a couple of shows.

So hands up for the wonderful 'Mr Hudson'! Rt x "