The “most nerdish” Duran Duran Question?

Hi Katy, This must be the most nerdish Duran Duran question ever asked but I desperately need to know the answer! I said to my wife that the end of the Pop Trash bonus track 'Prototypes' had a creepy noise - a TV sort of jumping channels noise at the end...However both on Apple Music and You Tube music it's not there anymore. I used to enjoy the weird abrupt ending! What happened? Maybe a question for Nik? Why feel the need to change the end of such a bizarre track anyhow? Thanks, Peter

"Hello Peter, I sympathize with your quest to verify details. Unfortunately ask have not heard the versions on the streaming sites I am unable to help you with a concise answer. I would need to refer back to the original masters to understand whether somebody has accidentally cut short our interlude. However, now that you have mentioned it, I feel it’s something important for me to understand too. Let me set a detective on the task. Nick"