Roger’s FunkFace

Hello this one is for Rog, I have read about a song: "Lost this Feeling" that you made with a project called FunkFace in the beginning of the new century. Have you ever released it? And what was the FunkFace's lineup, was it the same guys of Freebass?
Thank you and hugs from Buenos Aires​. Hernan from Argentina

"Hi Hernan, Thanks for the question! Yes, this song had a limited release on my own independent label RT Music. FunkFace was a collaboration between myself and Jake (Fonique) Roberts, whom I later went on to form a DJ partnership with. We had both been members of the short-lived experimental electronic dance band Freebass. We were trying to find the missing link between early 90’s dance music culture and pop.Re-union coming up in 2030? 🙂 Rt x x "