Laugh, Cough, Sneeze

Hi Katy, This one is for Simon : Simon hope all is well. Have you ever laughed, sneezed or coughed mid song duringa live performance? Your Lonesome tonight Elivis laughing version? If so how did you manage it and are there any recordings? Very much looking forward to the new album. All the best, Ryan

"Dear Ryan, I have in truth done all of the above. Notably, in the very early days of the band, when we were rehearsing at The Rum Runner, I used to sneeze so much when singing that my band-name was almost changed from "Charley" to "Sneezy", although at times I should probably been called "Dopey" or even "Dozy" or "Sleepy". All of this could possibly been attributed to the fact that for a month or so I had been nasally ingesting an over the counter brand of athlete's foot powder, in the mistaken belief that it was high grade Columbian flake cocaine. Interestingly, I seemed to be experiencing the same kind of euphoria as others in my company who were most definitely ingesting the real thing. In retrospect, I can only attribute this to a kind of "contact high" or a very effective "placebo effect". Significantly, since that time, I have lived 100% free of any nasal fungal infections. WHOOOSH! s"