Really, how did they get the title for The Wedding Album?

Hi Katy! I was reading the Collector's Corner article that mentioned the confusion about the origin of name "The Wedding Album", and I figured I'd pass along a random tidbit:

Somewhere in my VHS archives, I have an old MTV (US) News segment from around late-November 1992 with Kurt Loder. He was reporting on the Daily Mail expose about the IRA's attempted bombing of the Duran Duran concert that Princess Diana attended. At the end of the segment, Kurt somewhat-sardonically states (I'm paraphrasing here), "Duran Duran survived to make something called 'The Wedding Album', to be released next year". I'm not 100% sure the cover had even been seen yet, but I don't remember the segment well enough to be sure. In fact, I didn't realize the official name was not "The Wedding Album" until it charted on Billboard.

So while I don't know the source of the album name, Kurt Loder was already using it before the Ordinary World single was officially released in the US. Heck, my memory is spotty about whether the song had reached my radio stations yet. Tim

"Hi Tim! The band did not have a title for the album as they were approaching the end of the sessions, and by this time, they have always had a ‘firm favourite’. They felt as if they had to re-establish the "brand" Duran Duran, so the internal discussions had been to NOT title the album and simply put the band’s name on the cover.

Nick had come up with the concept of putting their parents wedding photos on the front sleeve, and had been gathering them from all the other band members to see what they might look like. They had the atmosphere the band was hoping for, and Nick liked the idea they were the total sum of the DNA that created the people who were making this record.

The band sent off the images to their graphic designer, Nick Egan, who did a great job of arranging them together to create a powerful album cover image. As requested, he also used a Duran Duran logo, but no other words; when the album was released, it was simply titled Duran Duran. The band had, in fact, instigated the idea that it would end up being called The Wedding Album by everyone if only to differentiate it from the first Duran Duran album. It was also an homage to John and Yoko, who had released their own “Wedding Album” in 1969. Katy"