Sing Blue Silver Tour Clothing

This is a question for Nick. I've read in several interviews that you have all your old clothes in storage. I've spent over 30 years wondering who designed your red leather suit (black shoulder panels) that you wore on the SBS tour and the jacket from The Reflex video...and if you know who designed John's red, white and b ensemble from the aforementioned video. Could you please finally end my misery. Thank you, Rob White

"Rob, the great irony to your question is that I have kept almost all my clothes except the two you have mentioned. Both of these were in the same wardrobe trunk that was lost, many years ago, at the end of the 1980s. Sadly, I have no idea where those pieces are, though I can tell you they were designed to my personal specification, from rough sketches I made and photos I'd found of other clothes to be used as reference. Our wardrobe person at the time made the outfit - Kerry, who was from Australia. Nick"