Stage Sets

This question is for anyone in the band.I’ve always been curious as to who designs the stage setup for the live shows, and what happens to them once the tours have been completed. I ask this because the stage set used for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers video for “So you wanna be a rock n roll star” looks identical to the set used on the Sing Blue Silver tour, and I watched a live video of The Corrs, and the LED Screens looked like the ones from the Astronaut tour. Kevin.

"The band wished they had kept some things from previous stages sets, particularly the Wedding Album tour as it was quite theatrical and there were a lot of cool props on stage. However, for most tours nowadays, bands tend to use video screens and lighting design to create their show. There is actually very little to keep aside from the risers on the stage since the gear is rented and formatted for each specific artist’s request."