Simon & the Stones

Hi Simon! I know about your love for The Rolling Stones. I'm a big fan of this band. I wonder if you was considering reworking one of their songs on the album Thank you. Do you ever think of some kind of cover from Stones in the future? Which song would you choose? Juraj, Bratislava, Slovakia

This is a tough question Juraj.

Covering a Rolling Stones song is not something to be undertaken lightly; especially if you're as big a fan of the band as I am. The problem is that most of them, the songs that is, are untouchable. This is mainly because the original versions are SO great, it would ge very difficult to come close to them.

We live in an age of many covers. And I tell you what - most of them are CRAP!
Having said all that, I have to admit, one if these days I might have a go at something like 'Ruby Tuesday'. Or wait for it ... 'As Tears Go By'