“Playing For Keeps” Single Questions

Dear Katy, The Arcadia track "Say The Word" (Theme for 'Playing For Keeps') seems to have been recorded later than the SO RED THE ROSE album...was it a track they adapted for the PFK soundtrack or was it specifically written and recorded for the movie ? Did Roger drum on it, and if he didn't drum on it - who did ? Yours rhythmically, IzzY World

"The song “Playing for Keeps” was mostly recorded at the same time as the rest of the SO RED THE ROSE album...it was a B-Side, and was originally called "Annie’s War.” While Nick and Simon don’t remember if that version of the song still exists, when they were asked to contribute a song to the soundtrack of PLAYING FOR KEEPS they decided to adapt that piece of music. At that point, the lyric was changed to “Say the Word.” Neither Nick or Simon believe that Roger played the drums on this particular track, they believe it was Steve Jordan. Katy"