Duran Duran Monthly Collector’s Corner: August, 2018


August is a time each year when people celebrate a year of working hard by lifting their roots and going on vacation! This month, let's look at some of the 'souvenirs' a lucky Duran fan might pick up while visiting some of the world's most beautiful destinations.

strange behaviour map comp2

What better place to start our tour than France? The French love their holidays, and most of the country closes shop in August. Fortunately, some record shops stay open, so tourists will always be able to find some collectible Duran Duran records while they sightsee the (often shuttered) attractions. Here's a true French classic, the seven inch for SKIN TRADE.

skin trade france bum sleeve 1987

Greece is a Mediterranean paradise rich in history and scenic beauty, where along with absorbing the wisdom of centuries past, you might get to fulfill the DD collecting itch. For collectors, Greece always brings to mind the 12 inch maxi single set from 1985. This one has all the hallmarks of being a bona fide must-have. Housed in a two-sided cloth carrier bag, the five 12 inch singles inside seem ordinary. But instead of the single mix, the A side of GIRLS ON FILM is the rarely heard alternate 12 inch mix, with the previously unreleased instrumental mix on the B side. OPA, indeed!!

greek bag

While touring the wine regions of Tuscany by day and strolling the piazzas of Roma at night, you can still find time to seek Duran Duran rarities. Italian fans have always been incredibly devoted, and that devotion has lead to many interesting collectibles, none more 'interesting' than the 1985 novel SPOSERO SIMON LE BON (I'M GOING TO MARRY SIMON LE BON). Written by the then teenaged Clizia Gurrado, the story revolves around her love of Duran Duran and her dream to marry Simon. The novel was a hit and spawned a full-length film, which the brave can watch here: ( https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3c0xje )

sposero simon le bon book italy 1985

Whether dancing the night away in Ibiza or experiencing the works of Miró, Picasso, Dali, Goya, or Velázquez, Spain offers all of that and more... in our case, great Duran Duran records to collect! There’s lots of terrific collectibles across many formats, like this poster for a show on the 1987 STRANGE BEHAVIOUR tour.

1987 spain poster

Japan is always a fantastic destination any time of year, with its rich history and a unique slant on modern life. Japan-only releases are often beautifully packaged and different from other regional releases, and there are countless music and collectible shops all over the country. This promotional 12 inch for ALL SHE WANTS IS is incredibly rare, as it was made in very small numbers.

all she wants is japan 12 promo

Hawaii, America's Pacific Shangri-la, is another gorgeous must-see destination, its mountains, beaches and other majestic scenery among the United States’ most picturesque views. The band’s first foray to Hawaii in 1994 was sadly cancelled, but they finally got a chance to see its beauty first-hand with a show in 2017 on the PAPER GODS tour. Here's a setlist and a couple of photos from the 2017 show.

hawaii comp

And to wind it up, what better spot could we choose than England, the band's home and a place where you can always find wonderful Duran Duran collectibles. This special issue of CLASSIC POP magazine is on newsstands now in the UK and at selected newsagents around the world. Fear not if your local doesn't carry it, you can go to their website and order it. Ordering online gets you a special package with 2 editions of the special DD 40th anniversary issue and a set of art cards.

Check it out here.

classic pop 40th pack

Created by Derek Supryka // Edited by Katy Krassner // Pictures by Derek Supryka