Duran Duran Monthly Collector’s Corner: March, 2016


"The Reflex" was the third single taken from the band’s third album, SEVEN & THE RAGGED TIGER. After being re-mixed by Nile Rodgers, the track was released in April 1984 after the singles “The Union of the Snake” and “New Moon on Monday.” In nearly every corner of the world, "The Reflex" was a big hit for the Duran Duran, and it became their first #1 single in the USA [and 2nd in UK].

01 - reflex magazine ad 02 - reflex posters

For collectors, this was great news as well because EMI and Capitol released many different formats of the track. Not only were different sleeves issued in several countries, but also different b-sides!

03 - reflex 7 inch UK NL US 03a - reflex UK label types 04 - reflex 7 inch poster sleeves

In Europe and South America the single was backed with a live version of the fan favourite, “Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me),” while in the other territories the b-side was a live version of the song “New Religion” from the album RIO. “Make Me Smile,” a cover, was recorded during the 1982 RIO Tour at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, and the live version of “New Religion” was recorded at The Forum in Los Angeles in February, 1984.

Interestingly, “Make Me Smile” was played again in the live sets during the 2005 ASTRONAUT World Tour, much to the surprise of the cheering crowds.

Within Europe, there were some interesting differences between the several “Reflex” pressings: two different German 7” sleeves exist, one regular and one hyping the fact the song hit no. 1 in the USA, UK and The Netherlands. Further, the Italian 7” has “New Moon On Monday” as the b-side, since this track was never put out as a single in Italy. And in the UK, the single was available in a regular paper sleeve as well as in a poster sleeve with several different labels!

05 - EU 7 inches

The Philippine release of “The Reflex” deserves a special mention of note: The 12” comes in two variations; while both have the same tracklist, the sleeves are different. The ‘regular’ version is a stickered die-cut sleeve and the special one showcases a full coloured picture sleeve advertising the single as “Make Me Smile” instead of “The Reflex”! Not surprisingly, this particular item is very rare and hard to find.

09 - reflex philippines 12 inches

Of course, 12”s with extended dance mixes (also mixed by Nile) were released as well, and each territory was given a different picture sleeve and track listing.

06 - reflex 12 inch UK NL US 07 - reflex 12 inch world

Beside the black vinyl 12”s on both sides of the Atlantic, the popular-in-the-1980s picture discs were also put out. Not only were they collectible then, they still are! If you haven’t got any of the “Reflex” picture discs in your record collection, you still can buy some online from record stores and/or eBay.

08 - reflex UK US picture discs

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10 - reflex worldwide 7 inch part 1 10a - reflex worldwide 7 inch part 2

Created by Peter Brinkhof // Edited by Katy Krassner // Pictures by Peter Brinkhof, Giorgio Aversa and Andrew Golub