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In light of David Bowie's passing, I remembered one of my all time favorite covers of one of his songs, Duran Duran's version of "Fame." I was listening to the all day Bowie tribute on KEXP's website yesterday and heard their version of "Boys Keep Swining," which I had never heard. Today, I thought I would look at the Duran Duran website for the first time in a long while, and saw the video of them doing "Starman."

Are there others? It would be so great to have them all collected in one spot this week - for fans of both artists to enjoy and remember.

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"Hi Brandy,

Thanks for giving me a fun project! Katy

**Updated after John Taylor "Katy's Kafe" on January 21, 2016

"Fun Time" by Iggy Pop and David Bowie [Written by Bowie/Pop, Duran Duran performed this song in early concerts]

"Suffragette City" [Duran Duran performed this song in early concerts]

“Fame" [B-Side to “Careless Memories” from the album DURAN DURAN]

"We Are The Dead" [Duran Duran rehearsed this song during The Wedding Album recording sessions]

"TVC 15” [performed during Duran Duran “Unplugged” though was edited out, as well as various times during the WEDDING ALBUM tour]

"Diamond Dogs" [off the Japanese version of THANK YOU]

"Rebel Rebel" [performed during the THANK YOU tour, though not on the album]

"Boys Keep Swinging" [From “We Were So Turned On, a Tribute to David Bowie” on Manimal Records]

“Starman" [The band’s own tribute to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of David Bowie's first performance of the song on UK television; filmed in Greece, July 6th 2012]"