Where is the Extended “A View to a Kill” ReMix?

Ask Katy

Hi Katy - this is for whomever in the band wishes to answer...It's 1985! 12"s are in full gear: remixes, dub mixes, extended mixes, etc., and Duran have been releasing some truly superb versions of their songs since the very first release, "Planet Earth"...Why then no 12" remix, extended version or anything of "A View to a Kill"? Have always wondered about this...Cheers, Mario

"Mario, Ah.. you have to blame me for that. I wanted to keep a certain purity to the 3 minutes plus of 'AVTAK'.. some of the recent remixes had been rubbing me the wrong way. I was adamant about it- that there should be no 'extended versions' or remixes. It was short sighted of me, I have since regretted it. JT"