Which Songs Live, Why?

Ask Katy

First of all, SEVEN & THE RAGGED TIGER is definitely in the top 3 list of my favorite Duran Duran albums, and was wondering why the band doesn't play more music from that album live more often? Maybe you do, and I just don't know it, but songs like, "(I'm Looking for) Cracks in the Pavement," "Shadows on your Side," and "I Take the Dice" are a few of my favorites.

Also, do you have a certain lineup of songs to play live according to the particular region's liking? For example, in the US, you may think we prefer to hear the songs that only were released in the US, esp. during the 80's? - Or do you have a set amount of songs, and the band plays those no matter where they are headed live? Thanks, Abigail

"Before we starts a tour, we rehearse between thirty to forty songs, and then try them out in the live show. At that point, we recognize which ones are working best musically, and of course those that are best received by the audience. By the time we are a couple of weeks in to the tour, the show becomes more formulated. However, we do like to change things around to keep the set sounding fresh, so there are usually a number of interchangeable songs each night - we like the idea of "Cracks in the Pavement." That’s next time. The Band"