Thoughts on more Cover Songs?

Ask Katy

Hello Katy! My name is Erika Bagnato from Tigre, Argentina.

Sometimes I imagine some songs performed by different peolpe, usually artists I admire performing songs I like, for example I´d love to hear Simon singing "Instant crush" from Julian Casablancas, Cyndi Lauper singing "1980" from Groove Armada or Gwen Stefani "I follow rivers" just to mention a few. I wonder if the band has similar "creations" in mind and enjoys this kind of musical daydreaming. Love, Erika

“The band is all for collaborations, and often the most unlikely ones are the most rewarding. Many people have covered Duran Duran songs, and it’s always thrilling for them to hear a great version or interpretation.

All of the band is excited about MAKING PATTERNS RHYME, the Duran Duran tribute album supporting Amnesty International that is coming out on August 26th. As a band, Duran Duran is always open to new ideas and were, in fact, just discussing a second covers album in the future… We will all have to see if the band get round to it... Katy"