Working with Nile Rodgers, Again?

Ask Katy

This question is for any of the band members. In a recent BBC documentary on Nile Rodgers, the Chic guitarist and producer makes reference to the recording of the Notorious album in 1986 and the close level of identification he had with the band during that period, stating that he felt he would become the “George Martin of Duran Duran”. I found his remark most intriguing because I remember thinking along the same lines when Notorious came out, although the particular producer-band relationship I had in mind at that time was the highly successful one that had developed between Brian Eno and U2. My question then, is why didn’t this partnership materialize?? Cheers. Klaus

Hi Klaus,

It was great to work with Nile on NOTORIOUS, we think he captured something really special in those sessions. With each project you work on, you never really know what you're looking for, and we've always liked to experiment with different people.

We did return to work with Nile on a couple of tracks on the ASTRONAUT album, particularly "Point of No Return," which is a highlight of the record. He remains the greatest rhythm guitarist in the world. Glad to see him back with Daft Punk and having so much success. It was a lot of fun for Simon to reunite with him at Hyde Park in July to perform "Notorious."

Simon, Nick, Roger & John