“Wild Boys (Wilder Than Wild Boys Extended Mix)” – The Hidden Vocals!

Ask Katy

I have a couple of questions regarding "Wild Boys (Wilder Than Wild Boys Extended Mix)" and have been wondering this since 1984 when the song came out.

At around the 4:50 mark on song, there is a phrase being said (I won't even attempt to "interpret" it!). Back in 1984, a friend of mine who sang/recorded with the local boy choir took my Wild Boys tape to the recording studio and told me that "phrase" was "Duran Duran's Duranies rock on" being played backwards! Is this true? When you listen to it, the last three words being said sound the same so it could be "Duran Duran's Duranies".

Also, at around the 5:35 and 6:10 marks of the song, there are these "cawing" bird sounds--my friend said those sounds were the words "Wild Boys" sped up at a high speed.

Could you or any of the guys tell me if it's true? Any other songs with these "secret" messages?

Thank you for all your hard work! Relay my regards to Duran Duran and please ask them to come to Hawaii!



Dear Laurie,

This is far too good a rumour for me to dispute any of it! Well done!