Nick and the Hitchcock Film Composer…

Ask Katy

My question is for Nick - wondering since he's a film buff if he's familiar (and a fan) of the brilliant Bernard Hermann, who composed all of Alfred Hitchcock's films. If not, wondering if there's any other film composer
he's particularly fond of. Thanks! Regards, Shawn Martin

Hello Shawn,

Indeed, I am familiar with the Hitchcock soundtracks, VERTIGO has been a particular favorite of mine for many years. PSYCHO isn't too bad either, is it?

Of the younger generation of film composers, I particularly like Danny Elfman, who has done a glorious job with most of Tim Burton's movies. I also like Angelo Badalamenti, who works with David Lynch, and of course, John Barry's BOND soundtracks. My favourite film composer of all though, is Nino Rota, who worked on many great film, particularly with Fellini and notably with Francis Ford Coppola.