Twirling the Stick, Roger Taylor-style!

Ask Katy

This is a question for Roger, my little boy is five and he has been inspired by watching you to the point that he has a drum kit for his birthday, he wants to know how you learned to twirl your drumsticks and how long it took please.

And yes I seem to have bred you some of the new generation of fans as my 7yr old thinks you are fab too, so keep the good stuff coming, every album just keeps getting better and better! Liz William and Lewis (the drummer, just think Animal from the Muppets and you will be about there).

Hi Liz,

Good to hear that I am still inspiring the youngsters out there. Twirling the sticks ..can't even remember how I learn't it ...probably while the rest of the band were figuring out how to tune their instruments (which took a while) ...the secret is that the stick actually just stays between two fingers and rotates , the optical illusion gives the impression that it somehow 'skips' between two fingers...go figure , and practice makes perfect! Rtx