TV Mania mania – An “Ask Katy” for Warren Cuccurullo!

Hey Warren! What was it like being back with all your old friends last night for the BEI Incubi art exhibition in London? Was it fun? Weird? Exciting? All three? and what are your favorite TV MANIA tracks?? Thanks, Lucas

hey lucas...well, you might imagine it would be weird to be around so many 'ex-wives' so to speak...(nick & i are actually STILL in a relationship!) but this is DURAN DURAN...a band made up of very sensitive, intelligent gentlemen (damn! one of 'em is already a best selling author!)...a fantastic time was had by all & i am so proud of nick for putting in the extreme effort to get his photos ready for this was a resounding success all around...and so much like a beautiful dream. it's really funny that nick chose the 'bei incubi' title...something about that mr. rhodes!!!

'euphoria' & 'beautiful clothes,' both of which have AMAZING VIDEOS by the way, are my long standing faves, but EVERY song is key in this is a concept album after all! honorable mention would have to go to paramount & 'what's in the future?'....wait wait wait wait wait...who am i kidding??? IT'S A BLOODY MASTERPIECE!!! they're ALL essential...

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photo courtesy of chris white and warren cuccurullo

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