One of the very first Duran Duran Demos

Hello! I had a little question, for Nick - I just opened JT’s Vault on the site and out of the two images that pop up one is a cassette card designed by John in the early days. Well I just noticed it mentions “Dior” against synthesizers. We all know there is and has been only one synth player in DD EVER, so was DIOR one of the early alias Nick used or am I misreading something here? Also, apart from "Girls on Films," it list three more songs - can anyone shed some light on any of them. Thanks. Love to the Band.Hammad from Pakistan ( yes we do have Duranies here and thousands of them actually).

Hello Hammad!You found the evidence that both John and Nick had the desire to change their names before they decided what to change them to! The cassette cover is from their first demo when Andy Wickett was the band's singer. "Girls on Film" was the only track that survived the line up changes over the years, but the version the band eventually released is very different to the one included on that particular cassette. Katy