Who was sea sick on the Duran Duran “Rio” Ride??

Ask Katy

My question is for the other band members such who looked like they were holding on for dear life at the first chorus of "Rio" in the video. I know SLB knows his way around a yacht but what about John, Roger and Nick, who quite honestly looked terrified when the yacht leaned sideways. What was their memory of the experience? Any seasickness? I know I do and yet I'm from Sydney! G'day xxx Loretta

Hello Loretta, An ocean bound yacht is not my ideal habitat. I was indeed terrified, but moreso for my suit than myself. Seawater and silk is not an ideal combination...the wind can play havoc with your hair, too. Despite all of this, it was a genuine pleasure to be reunited with our old friend Eilean briefly last year for a sail in the same seas. Nick