John Taylor’s Warhol

This question is for John. A few years ago when you had the web site Trust The Process could have even gone farther back to B5 you did an e-mail contest. I believe that every tenth e mail was a winner and the prize was limited edition Notorious prints . I was one of the lucky winners It says "Have a Kool Yule" and you guys are decked out in Christmas attire and it is number 78 out of 126. Can you tell me more about the print like who was the artist or anything that you can remember. I have had many people ask me about it so I am hoping you can shed some light on my mystery. Thanks Anita

It was not the work of a Warhol. It was our big idea, and we just got the nearest art person to add the beards and Santa drag. I came across a big pile of them in storage and decided to give 'em away in a TTP contest. Glad you liked. JT