Duran Duran’s “Is There Something I Should Know” – where o where?

Hi, Katy! I have a question since 1984 (long time, isn’t it?): where was “Is there something I should know?” video shot? I mean, it seems to me that Simon is walking in front of a museum, or an art gallery, perhaps. Am I right? Do you know which one? Thanks a lot for your time! Verónica.

Hello Verónica, We really don't like to disappoint people, however, you may have found a blind spot. The band doesn't quite remember where they filmed the outdoor sequences; however most of the video was shot in a film studio in London.Luv, The Band

*** It seems several fans have written in with the answer that even the band didn't know. Thank you to Hugh for the most concise report!**

Hi Katy,

I walk past the place where the ‘city’ snatch of the ITSISK video was filmed every day on my way to work… it’s on the steps at the front of the Royal Exchange building (now a fancy shopping centre) in the City of London… and the building next to it (also in shot in the vid) is the Bank of England (hence the bowler hatted men!)… here’s a picture of it from Reuters.

Hope that helps to answer part of Verónica’s question.

Thanks for all your great work over the years