“Character” on TV Mania Cover

Please, I have a question, I do not know if you can answer it.

What is the concept of the clothing that the girl is wearing in TV Mania logo? (the actress on clip euphoria wears tool). I'm going to a costume party and I'll try to reproduce the clothes. But if someone asks (and always ask), I would like to explain what it is. It will be a pirate outfit? Thank you so much! Mirella

Hi Mirella,

Our art director, Andrew Day suggested we have an illustration created by the artist Vania Zouravliov, so we sent him some imagery and materials for inspiration, along with a description of one of the characters from the accompanying story we had written and based the album upon. Vania then created the beautiful image we used on the cover, utilizing the pirate hat, which Warren had worn in the "Out of My Mind" video, which was shot during the period we were making the TV Mania album. Personally, I think it's a rather good look -hmmmm, I feel a website competition coming on!!!