“This Lost Weekend”

Hey Katy, In one of Duran Duran's youtube videos, Nick Rhodes was talking about a song called: "This Lost Weekend." He said it was a slow song that was kind of like "Motown." I was just wondering if Duran Duran is planning on Releasing that Song as a single or on another album in the future? Or is it by any chance on another edition of ALL YOU NEED IS NOW? Talk to you soon, Andrew

"Hi Andrew, Personally I would like all our tracks to be out in every format for the convenience for those who would like to hear them. However it often happens that tracks are used exclusively for special edition, particularly for a period of time. Regarding "Lost Weekend**" I believe it is available....but hopefully it will be available elsewhere in the not too distant future. Nick"

** - "This Lost Weekend" can be found on the band's limited edition vinyl box set of ALL YOU NEED IS NOW