The Fade…

Hi Katy, I would be super-grateful if you could pass the following q on to Mr Nick Rhodes: I noticed that on the splendid new album that there is a trend to move away from fading out tracks at the end....and encouraging a natural conclusion to each little masterpiece. Is this deliberate and does it make planning the tour set easier as the work on ending each track has already been concluded? Thanks very, Mr. Adrian King, UK

This Q went before the whole band:

"Adrian, If a song does have the "right" ending, then certainly it transfers well to the live show. However, decisions are made during the recording process on a song by song basis, and occasionally we decide that a song will benefit most from a fade. When this is the case, of course it presents the same issue for the live show as it did when we were completing the song in the studio, it has to end somewhere. When forced to put an ending on a song that had a fade on the record, you battle to find the best solution, usually the simplest one. In rare instances you do stumble across a new ending that we wish was on the record instead of the fade. The Band"