The Truth on “Gimme Some Truth”

Gentlemen - I have 2 questions for you - I saw you perform at a charity concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 1991. You performed "Ordinary World" (a good two years before its official release - it was bliss!), "Do You Believe in Shame" and John Lennon's "Gimme Some Truth." The performance was outstanding, and I so wish it had been recorded! Anyhow - will you ever play the Royal Albert Hall again as it's such a great venue? And Question 2 – will you ever record "Gimme Some Truth"? Thanks a lot for your time! Looking forward to seeing you on the road again soon. With best wishes, FM1968 (the Netherlands)

"Hello Fraser, We often talk about playing The Royal Albert Hall. I do agree, it's a beautiful venue, so I would hope the answer is, yes, some day we should play there again. As for "Gimme Some Truth," we actually considered it when we recorded a track for the John Lennon Tribute for Amnesty International. We also tried "No. 9 Dream" but the winner was "Instant Karma." Not sure we will ever get around to a studio version as it would be tough to match the Lennon version - but it is a great song. NR"