Nick on Allen Jones

Nick, whilst hanging around the Tate Modern in my lunch break, I picked up a copy of a pop art book and came across Allen Jones 'Hatstand, Table, Chair' from 1969, there were also a couple of others 'Chair' and 'Table' which were in color and I could not help but notice the similarity of those works compared to the set for the 'Electric Barbarella' video (also the way that the sexy android looked), complete with pink furry carpet. Is this a massive coincidence or was this done on purpose as a tribute to Allens work? Thank you, Paul, London

Hi Paul, I am personally a huge admired of Allen Jones' work, in particular some of the iconic images he created in the 1960s. If you take a look at the movie "A Clockwork Orange," you will notice that the furniture in some scenes is a little more than similar Allen Jones' unique creations. The furniture featured was not designed by Allen, but I think it's safe to say his ideas and concepts were "stolen" by the film set designers. Regarding "Electric Barbarella," I had not considered that the styling referenced Allen's work, however, I am sure it's often in the back of my mind. For me, the video was more 1950s kitsch, however I am sure Allen would approve of our female android. Nick. PS take a look at the photography of Bob Carlos Clarke. He was also very much influenced by Allen's work."