It’s Electric!

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, After years of searching, I’m delighted to have found the image (attached). I appreciate that this picture was taken almost thirty years ago (1984?), but I would be grateful if you could ask Nick for any details. The reflection on the lamp suggests that this was a photo-shoot; who was the photographer and what was the location? Another observation is that during a discussion with college students, Nick is holding a light bulb (Sing Blue Silver DVD). Is it just coincidence, but did the interview follow the photo shoot, or is there no link between them? Thanks to you both. Rob

Hello Rob,

Electricity is very important to me too, as is illumination! There is no connection between the two incidents. The photo in question was taken by our tour photographer Denis O'Regan during the US leg in 1984. I cannot recall the exact venue, though I do remember we were filming - possibly a TV show. Denis and I were exploring the building, looking for a location to take some photos. We stumbled across a dark stairway with some striking graffiti on the walls. I thought we could make a portrait, old school Hollywood style, using just one tungsten lamp from above. It was all done in a hurry, as most things were on that tour but the silver gelatin result has endured. Nick"

Nick Rhodes photo courtesy Denis O'Regan