Constructing a Bridge (the song kind!)

Ask Katy


The bridge in some songs feature bass while others feature guitar, keyboards, vocals, drums, or saxophone. How do you construct your bridges? How do you decide who will be featured in the bridge of each song? Is there any methodology to it? Artistic whims? Was there ever a conscious effort made to ensure an equitable number of bridges for each band member when songwriting (e.g., "JT has done 3 bridges so far on this album, it's Nick's turn on the next song.")?



Hello Mark,

As with every aspect of our songwriting, we try to make the right choices for each particular section of each song. I've always thought Bridges are very important, structurally, as they lead you into the chorus and can often set the mood or simply provide an elegant transition from the verse to chorus. It really depends upon what you're trying to achieve, whether the lyrics need to explain more at this point before reaching the pay-off lines, or whether musically you feel it's necessary to have some breathing space before the chorus kicks in - or indeed, a gradual build up into the chorus.