2 Synth Qs, 2 Synth Answers

Ask Katy

Hi Katy. This question is for Nick. I was listening to the "So Red The Rose" re-mastered album, and I was noticing all of the various acoustic instruments used (strings, brass, ethnic percussion,etc...), but I suppose my question is: Were synths largely used on the album, and if so, which ones? Thanks, William

Hello William,

There were several different synths which feature on the album, I think I favoured the Prophet 5 at the time, but also the Roland Jupiter 8, Crumar Performer, and Fairlight.


Hi Katy, I have a question for Nick.

Nick, in some video updates I think I have seen a Minimoog Voyager right next to you. Did you use this on "AYNIN"? Did you use any other Moog syths too? I'm a big fan of Moog synths so it would be nice to know. Thanks! Reynaldo.

Reynaldo, I have actually used many different analog synths on "All You Need is Now," in fact there is hardly any digital synthesis. Regarding Moog, yes, the Voyager features along with my Memory Moog, both are extremely adaptable, beautiful sounding machines. NR