“So Misled”

Nick - With the release of special editions of classic DuranDuran (and Arcadia) albums would it be at all possible to revisit the 'fade in' and 'fade out' mix currently found on the song 'So Misled'? Any fan will tell you that (1) 'So Misled' is probably one of the most underrated Duran Duran song and that (2) it, in fact, has one of the most solid structure and feel of any Duran Duran song. And yet.... part of that groove seems a bit lost with drums fading in at the beginning, only to loose part of Simon's "I gotta say, I neeed you bayybay..... Sooooo Misled!" at the very end. Claude

"I always seem to remember liking that track, we recorded live drums with Steve Ferrone at Studio One in Abbey Road, which is usually used to record orchestras, hence it is the size of a football pitch. I was fascinated with trying to harness the sound of the natural ambience of the room. This really dominated the track, and probably the mix too, but I don't think I've heard the song since we've mixed it. It reminded me of a Motown arrangement at that time. I will take a new listen soon. Nick"