Aria Bass

Hi Katy, I've recently bought an Aria Pro ii sb1000 ri bass and was wondering if John has played this bass and what he thinks of it compared to the 80's Aria basses? Thanks, Dave R.

"Hello Dave, I used the SB1000, sure, on Rio and Seven. I'm not sure what ri means. Is it a bass from the eighties? If it is it will be a good instrument. My experience of Aria at the time is that they were quite excellent. I'm not sure why they could not stay in business, other than the fact there were so many well-made Japanese instruments coming out and the same time. Unlike Yamaha, Aria did not benefit from the burgeoning jet-ski market. They did come back to life to some degree, as they made me a bass at the time of the DD reunion, which was as good as I had remembered them being- only I didn't want to play Aria any more.

I must say I get a similar experience from my Peaveys as I used to get from the Aria's.
Well bought Dave- I'm sure you'll get whatever it is you are looking for from this bass.-John"