Considering the next album

Ask Katy

This is for any member of the band...The new album is the one for which I have been waiting 20+ years! Anyhow, I was wondering, in the normal scheme of album/tour/album, at what point does the band start to think about the next album and the direction in which they want it to go? Do they start thinking about it while touring for the prior album? Or do they not really give it any consideration until they step into the studio to start working on it? Thanks! Jeffrey

"Occasionally, when we are touring, we will stumble across something inspirational that will possibly become a first clue for the direction of a new project. This can grow organically over a period of months before we enter the studio to physically try out the concepts. However, it is more often the case that by the time we reach the studio we want to start with an entirely bank canvas and we want to see what happens naturally when we play together. I do believe that each record is a combination of all of our collective ideas from the completion of the previous album to the inception of the new album. So....difficult to isolate very specific points of influence but they are inevitably out there, across many fields in the arts and general daily experiences. NR"