Synth on “All She Wants Is”

Ask Katy

Hello,I just recently purchased the Big Thing re-issue and am totally loving the live DVD. I was always a huge fan of the bass tone on "All She Wants Is" (being a bass player myself). I have seen another post on Ask Katy where John says that it was a synth on the record. I see him playing his Factor bass during that song live (and I love that bass!). Was he playing along to a synth track and if not what effects was he using to get that killer tone? Thanks! Dave

"I am not sure what synth I used- something that was lying around the studio, but I remember I fed the signal through a Rat distortion box. My initial conception for that song excompassed a medley of "All She Wants is" and another song, which we never got around to writing- 'We all want to be Black' JT"