More: Roger Christian and “Election Day”

Roger was kind enough to write in to "Ask Katy" and add in some additional information on the video:

Hi Katy.You blog about Election Day and my directing it popped up on my google alert.

I loved making Election Day, was a fantastic shoot in Paris.

Of interest is a friend French Director Bertrand Tavernier gave me his staircase set from his wonderful film Round Midnight, as we filmed in the same studios and he was wrapping up. I used his assistant Art Director as my designer. The set helped the production to be bigger visually...and Nick and I made it a homage to Jean Cocteau. We even had a look alike on the staircase in question. We made the 8 and a half minute video in collaboration over a week in Paris. Bruno Tonioli was the choreographer I hired as well. Roger

Hi Katy, Did the band or the record label select Roger Christian to direct the video for “Election Day”? If it was the band, what attracted Simon and Nick to Roger? Cheers, Hafeeza

"When we were planning the filming for the first video from Arcadia, "Election Day," it was set to be directed by Ridley Scott. We had several meetings in Paris, and he was keen to film the Crazy Horse Salon. The ideas were fairly well developed, and we were all excited about the prospect of working together. Unfortunately, his current film at the time, "Legend," required some re-editing, and we were unable to make the timing work for the video. Ridley suggested we use Roger Christian, whom he had been working with recently. We accepted his recommendation and the results are there to see. Wethink it turned out pretty well! Nick & Simon"