I have not only been a fan of Duran Duran for nearly 30 years but also have been playing drums and a bit of bass nearly as long. One reason I love the band is their musicianship – so incredibly good now and even when they were barely out of their teens. They keep on tempo and on top of the beat so well to achieve that funk sound they are so famous for. That leads me to my question: in the early recording sessions of songs like “Late Bar” and “Faster than Light”, as well as in the first two albums in particular, did John and Roger use a click/metronome during the recordings? I notice a slight tempo change before the vocals kick in on “New Religion” (which actually works well on that song) but otherwise, their tempo seems unwavering. Also, I'd very much appreciate any tips they have for locking into their grooves. Thanks in advance! -Josef

"Hi Josef, The early days were really a mix between using click tracks, Nick's Sequencers or our own ears to keep time. Yes, you are correct, "New Religion" is more 'free form' in tempo because there was nothing that John and I had to keep in time with apart from each other, which I think works well for that song.

Biggest tip for locking in the rhythm section is to make sure that you keep listening to what the other guy is doing and don't get too obsessed with your own part.

Cheers! Rt"