Hi Nick,

Can't wait to hear the new album. The snippets we have heard so far are great!!!! I was curious, speaking of the new album, looking back on your career as a musician/artist, how does it feel to have worked with the same front man for 30+ years? What is your relationship like with Simon? You guys have been through the good times of the 80's to the challenges of the 90's. I would imagine you two can just give a look at each other and you know what the other is thinking. I know you and John grew up together, but you and Simon have to have a special connection and just wondering what your thoughts are on your career together?

Mike Vettel

"I think the fact that we have worked together for three decades now is a testament to both our work relationship and our friendship. Simon is a unique artist so no matter how many songs we write together, he still able to surprise me melodically. This is a true talent which I admire more and more as the years go by. In my opinion, there are very few singers who are able to maintain the artistry and integrity in their work for such a sustained period. I truly believe Simon has done this. Nick”