“The Sound of Plastic”

Ask Katy

Dear Nick, I like "The Sound of Plastic." Could you please share your thoughts on it? What was the creative process? Thank you, ebeforei

"For many years I have kept notebooks filled with random ideas. In one of my most recent books I started a list of interesting sounding record labels. This quickly grew to an obsession over a few days and I told John about it, saying that I thought it would make an interesting song. He suggested that I
should do something with Mark for his album since it was called RECORD COLLECTION....so I chatted with Mark, who loved the idea and several days later I created the backing track in our studio. Mark then gathered together a diverse posse of artists to come and perform on the song. Each of them
interpreted the verse lyrics which consisted entirely of the record label names. For the chorus, we wrote something more structured. We finished at 5am....but then we had so much material I had to spend an entire day editing before we could mix what you now hear. Nick"