John on Arcadia

Ask Katy

Hi Katy! This question is for John. I recently discovered that the band performed the Arcadia song "Election Day" liveon the last tour for the first time in ages. I love that song, so it was amazing to see it back in such fine form. I was wondering what it was like for you to perform this classic tune, considering that you weren't originally involved in the Arcadia project. Was it like performing any other cover song for you, or do you perhaps feel a bit more "ownership" of it because of your friendship with Simon, Nick and Roger? Are there any other Arcadia songs you'd like to perform live, and maybe stamp your signature on? Thanks, Greg

"I love playing "Election Day," it's one of my favourite songs in the 'canon'. I've liked the song since the first day I heard it. I love "Lady Ice" and have pushed to include that in concert performances once or twice, but it hasn't worked out...I like playing cool songs, regardless of who they have been written by. Sometimes putting a left field track (like "Instant Karma," for example) has the tendency to freshen up the whole set. We recorded a version of David Bowie's "Boys Keep Swinging" for a Warchild benefit and are looking forward to adding that to future concert performances. JT"