Drum Interpretation

Ask Katy

Hello Roger, I know I'm biased, but I think Duran Duran songs like "Ordinary World" and "Come Undone" sound even better with you playing, and I wondered how you go about learning someone else's music - do you pick it up by ear or does someone "teach" you? Sheet music for drums isn't quite as common as it is for guitar or piano, so I've always wondered your approach. I am so glad you are back with the band and I wish you all the best. Love, Sheila1968

"Hi Sheila, thank you, glad you appreciate the playing. I have always played by ear, in fact no one in the band knows how to read sheet music because we were all pretty well self taught musicians and that's how I learn the songs that I didn't actually play on, just by listening to the record and interpreting the song in my own style. I don't think it would be a wise idea to try to copy another drummers part exactly as we are all very different in the way that we execute a part. In fact, some of the mid career songs like "Come Undone" and "I Don't Want Your Love" were actually recorded with a drum machine, so that really does open up the door for complete re-interpretation. Rtx"