Taylor Kit

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, I have been a huge fan of DD from day one, and in particular, Roger. He is responsible for me (badly) playing the drums in a band when I was at school! I have since given up, but still get great pleasure seeing Roger play live, and the way he continues to make the old songs soundexciting and fresh… whilst still incorporating the flavour of the original recordings – as he did recently using Remo Roto toms. Years ago, I seem to remember that Roger was asked if he wanted to put his name to / be associated with a new Drum kit – Obviously called Taylor(s)… as there is already a Rogers Drum Kit. Have I got this right, or is it just my memory playing tricks on me?! Ps. I wish I could spin those sticks like he can. Even to this day…I still can’t do it like him!... any chance of a “how to Video”?! Thanks, Dom

"Hi Dom, mmm..maybe you are getting me confused with that other drummer of the Taylor persuasion as I can't recall anything about a 'Taylor' drum kit - but it does sound like a nice idea! A stick spinning video , now that would be giving the game away...! Rt"