December 8, 1981 Set List

Ask Katy

hi katy,

One thing i got recently that the boys might enjoy seeing is this set list. It's from december 8th, 1981 at the university of east anglia in norwich. the original owner (who sold it to me) was called lisa. she plucked this from the stage and got the 5 lads to sign it for her!

my questions to the boys would be these:

-at this stage of your career were you still writing your own setlists? if not you guys, who might have wrote this one?

-this is two sided, so i'd say the other side was from the gig before, which would have been on the 7th at the kent university sports hall in canterbury. is there any chance this setlist would have been used for any more than 2 gigs?


"Derek, Sometimes we would write them out ourselves, but more likely to have been done by the Tour Manager, roadies or the Production Manager.

Have no idea what the set would have been for other shows at that time, it didn't vary much because we didn't have many songs in our repertoire. Very odd that it was written on the back of another set list, more likely that this was the first attempt for putting the list together for that evening, then changed our mind. N"