More Rum Runner Memories

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, When I was fifteen my mates used to get me into the Rum Runner in Broad street Bham,it was the coolest place on earth. When I used to go inside often I would see Simon and the band at the bar and playing on that small stage.I remember thinking these guys are going to go all the way. Then when my best mates brother comes in one day with a vinyl record called “Planet Earth” that was it Duran Duran had arrived. If you were to ask the guys what where their best days that were most memorable would they say. Yes that small club down that alley in Brum the Rum Runner were fantastic?

There was also a group called Fashion there lead singer Muliigan they were also great but as we both know didn’t quiet make it,shame they were also cool like everything that went on there.

Great days never to be forgotten if you get a chance let me know what the guys thought about those times All the best, Julian born and bred Brummie lol (now living in Manchester god help me )

"Hi Julian, Yes great days indeed, we hardly had 'a penny to rub between us' but those few months together at The Rum Runner really shaped the bands destiny over the next few years... we used to be formulating our music in a small bar at the back of the club called the 'Tritec' room and I remember all the different kinds of records being played by the DJ's (Dik the dj , Dave 'Leadball's' Till and of course our very own delectable Monsieur Rhodes) drifting up to the room as we practiced..Bowie, Roxy, New York disco, punk, early electro, jazz funk. I think all these different elements of music somehow made it into our sound and made us original in our own way..then a big bloke with tight purple leopard skin trousers walked in with a book in his hand and we were up and running..hail 'The Rum Runner'! Rt"